Thursday, June 14, 2012


Things have been getting much better lately. All sickness gone! Tucker's tummy has been doing better too! We even got lucky and got him in with a GI specialist in 2 weeks, otherwise we would have had to wait until august. I am looking forward to seeing what is going on with our sweet boy so we can start feeding him more foods and not have to worry about them messing with his tummy! He is soooooo ready for food, everytime we eat he tries to grab the food out of our hands and opens his mouth! The only food we know for sure he can eat without irritaition is butternut squash, poor guy is probably going to hate it soon because it is all we give him!

We have been hanging out around the house a lot lately. On tuesday, we had a really bad storm hit. I was home alone with the boys and was scared to death! We have some large pine trees behind our house that were swaying with the wind and I was so afraid they were going to fall on our house. Tucker was sleeping but I woke him up and took both boys to a safe spot in the house and waited out the storm. Thank god for my ipad and portable dvd player, which kept tripp entertained until the power came back on. We were only without power for about 2 hours, I know we were lucky because others were without for days!!

All sickness gone, except now I have an eye infection! I'm hoping it's not pink eye, but have been lysoling, washing sheets, and washing my hands like crazy!!! I called keith (who happens to be an optometrist) and he prescribed me some meds for my eye which will hopefully kill this thing once and for all!!

Alright, here are some pictures from my phone. Have a great thursday all!!

hanging out

sweet, happy boy!

tripp watching daddy climb trees

so silly!!

love these boys!!

you can never have too many ipads;)
Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating real soon! Have a fun weekend ahead, celebrating my sister's 30th birthday and tucker will be 7 months! so lots of fun posts ahead....stay tuned;)

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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