Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

It was a nice long relaxing weekend for us! Definitely much needed after the week we had. However, although tripp was getting better I started to get sick! It started friday, but I have toughed it out, because as a mommy you don't get sick days;) Carl has been a trooper and has helped out a lot so that I could get some rest. I'm happy to report, we are all finally on the mend!! Here's to a healthy june!!

As I said, it was a relaxing weekend...or perhaps lazy would be a better way to describe it;) We all got a lot of rest and got to have a lot of quality family time together. Carl and I even had a date night with our boys in tow! It actually worked out ok. Tripp played with the ipad and carl held tucker. It was a quick dinner but a great one:) I'm one lucky girl.... a date with 3 handsome men:) The rest of the time, we played outside, went swimming, played with grammy, coach and aunt janelle, watched daddy work on the playhouse he's building and just spent time together. We are blessed indeed!! Here are some pictures....enjoy!

"stop taking my picture mommy!"

my sweet tucker

holding brother

my boys rough housing:)

crazy tucker

sweet brothers

the schindewolf guys working on the playhouse

relaxing with grammy
the playhouse is coming along!
We hope all had a great long weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Will be updating again real soon!!

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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