Saturday, June 23, 2012

mostly pictures...

Below are lots of pictures posted from my phone and from grammy's camera! We have been busy enjoying our summer:) Our typical afternoon usually consists of playing outside, running over to grammy and coach's and watching tripp play in the pool, naked of course;) If he's lucky daddy will even take him on the four wheeler:) we love living so close to all the schindes, especially grammy and coach!! Enjoy all the pictures:)

typical afternoon

put on mommy's workout headband

this was his "cheese face" for grammy!

my sweet handsome out ladies;)

loves playing with grammy!

taking a walk outside

bought tripp new jammies and he wore them ALL day and couldn't stop looking in the mirror!
naked 4 wheel riding;)

more from a typical afternoon
so cute!! loves his coach!

bubble boy:)

grammy and her boys

what a precious lil' darlin'

actually captured a decent pic with grammy's cam!

a fam shot...sort of;) guess I should get used to this with 2 active lil boys:)
Thanks for stopping apologies for the picture overload;) Hope all have a happy and blessed weekend!!

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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