Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Shots

Well we went for tripp's two month appointment this morning! I have of course been nervous since we scheduled it knowing what was coming...tripp's first shots! So Carl came with us so he could be the bad guy while I ran/passed out/cried....who knew what I would do! Well I am happy to report that Tripp took it like a champ! He of course cried for a few minutes, but after cuddling with mommy and daddy for a few minutes (and a dose of tylenol) he went right to sleep in his carrier, slept all the way home and even for an hour afterward! But even more than that, I managed to stay in the room...I of course had my eyes closed and had my hands over my ears...but I stayed in the room! Carl was great with him and managed to keep him calm through the whole experience. I am lucky to have such a wonderful, hands-on daddy/husband!

Tripp has been a little fussy since he woke up but after a nice bottle, burp and diaper change he is sleeping soundly once again:) Well here are the much awaited stats for tripp at 2 months:
He is now weighing in at 12 lbs. 4 oz. (almost a 5 lb weight gain from the 1 monther!) He is in the 76th percentile for weight and in the 25th percentile for height (no shocker there since carl and I aren't very tall). So our little monkey is obviously eating pretty well and packing on the LB's. We are so happy to have a clean bill of health for our little guy! He will have to go back next week for an oral vaccination...I can handle that one on my own;) Then next appointment will not be until 4 months unless of course we have to go in before for something else.

I just wanted to post a little update on the 2 monther! Tripp will officially be 2 months old on the 4th so I will post some pictures of our big guy next week! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week...I know we will now that the dreaded first shots are behind us!

Traci & Tripp

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