Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Daddy's office and 1st playdate!

Tripp in daddy's office chair
We have had quite an eventful week so far! Our week started out with a lunch date with our good friend michelle on monday. On Tuesday, we first had to take a trip to my doctor for my 6 week appointment. The ladies in the office had requested that I bring Tripp in and he of course had to officially meet Dr. Jackson who not only delivered him but me, my sisters and nephews as well! Needless to say we've known him for a long time and love him! The 6 weeker went well and best of all I'm cleared for exercise again, even though I have to start slow:( I posted a picture below of Tripp with Dr. J. Tripp was decked out in his aggie gear since we were off to Daddy's office afterward...well Dr. J is a longhorn so in the picture he covered Tripp's shirt! Too funny:)

Tripp and Dr. J
After our successful trip to my doctor ( I was nervous about bringing tripper with me, but he was the perfect angel!) we were off to visit daddy at his office and have lunch with him and some sweet coworkers. Since Tripp did so well at the doctor I just assumed he would do just as well at the office...boy was I wrong. He decided it would be a good time to give his vocal chords a workout! He screamed and screamed! I was so embarrased, but luckily most of Carl's coworkers have little ones so they didn't mind. Although he wasn't on his best behavior a few of the girls were able to hold him. Carl even propped tripp up in his work chair for a photo (see above)! Carl, Tripp and I went to lunch with Mary and Kathy, two of Carl's coworkers who are so sweet! We had such a good time! Tripp even slept the whole way there and the whole way back! What a success!
On Wednesday Tripp had his first official playdate, well technically it was probably more of a playdate for the mommys but who's keeping track..;) Jessica and Nina came over with their sweet baby boys Judd and Evan...Joshua too! Tripp was happy to share all of his bouncers, swing, gliders changing table etc. with his new friends! Jessica, Nina and I had a great time catching up, eating lunch, sharing baby stories etc.! We are definitely going to be doing that more often. Its so nice having three boys all the same age, what fun times they will have! Tripp is really lucky to have those boys and his cousins Jake, Blake and Kate too. Below are some pictures of our fun wednesday!

Judd on Tripp's activity mat

Tripp taking a little snooze break;)

Evan and Tripp...playdates are so tiring!

Joshua and Evan
Lately little tripp has developed a few interesting routines. In the afternoons especially, after I change his diaper tripp likes to snooze on his changing table! It is just too cute. He will fall right to sleep and usually stay there for like 30 minutes or so. This has been happening so often that I keep my book in his nursery and spend the 30 minutes reading! So funny. Tripp has also enjoyed spending time on his activity mat. He loves to look up at the lights, listen to the music and kick his legs! Below are a few pics. We have also started taking afternoon walks outside. Tripp absolutely loves being outside and enjoys his stroller rides. Mommy enjoys them very much too!

Falling asleep on my changing table!

Fun time!

Today hasn't been as eventful as the past few days! My sweet grandma came over to watch tripp while I ran a few errands. It was nice getting out by myself. Right now Tripp is snoozing in his bouncer seat while I am blogging! He will be waking up soon and be ready to eat before our afternoon walk! Just wanted to give a quick update. Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for checking in, we will update again soon!


Traci & Tripp

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