Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 weeks old

Wow! Can't believe tripp will be two months old on tuesday! He is just growing up so fast and we just love our little butter bean so much!

We had a great week last week, minus the yucky first shots, and an even better weekend! We love the weekends mostly because carl is home and we get to spend time as a family! Carl will even take the first night feeding which is usually around 12 or 1 am and I get to sleep for a couple extra hours...which by the weekend I need!

Tripp had his first trip to the mall this weekend. Mom and I took him shopping with us at the woodlands mall. He did really well and even decided to take a big nasty poop while we were checking out in a busy store! It didn't bother him at all, he just got all smiley and laughed a lot! Needless to say it was a pleasant experience and it was helpful to have my mom there who was able to help while I tried on some things.

Tripp is now officially in size 3 month clothing. I even packed up all his newborn clothing this sad! Can't believe how big this little guy is getting, he never misses a meal;) He's a little chunker but not compared to how his daddy was. We were comparing stats the other day and Carl weighed 12.4 lbs at his 1 month check-up while tripp weighed 12.4 lbs at his 2 month check-up! So funny! We'll see if tripp catches up to his daddy;)

Here are some fun facts about our little man:

  • still eating 5 ounces, sometimes 6 at each feeding
  • loves to fan out his toes and flex his feet while eating
  • does most of his "dirty work" (aka: poop diapers) while eating!
  • grunts really loud and grasps on to things esp his clothes or fingers while doing his "dirty work"...really funny!
  • likes to listen to music with daddy
  • laughs in his precious
  • pretty serious, like his dad most of the time...mommy is gonna work on this!
  • started kicking objects
  • loves tummy time!
  • loves bath time!
  • "talking" a lot more!

We are enjoying every minute with our precious butter bean! I can't imagine having to be away from him for longer than a couple of hours. I am so thankful to be able to spend everyday with him. Next weekend is Tripp's dedication to the church. We are so excited and so blessed to have such a precious and healthy baby! It will also be my very first mother's day, I can't even imagine my life without my darling baby boy! Motherhood is quite an adventure but there are no words to express exactly what it feels like to be a mommy or how it is possible to love someone so much! I am blessed! Not to mention I have a wonderful husband and tripp has an awesome daddy!

I have posted some recent pictures of our big guy....enjoy!

Enjoying tummy time with daddy

playing with daddy and my baseballs!

sorry daddy mommy has a new number 1 man!

aunt rat came to visit me!

Well just wanted to give a littl update and of course post some pictures of our growing boy! We have a busy week ahead but we will post another update soon! Hope everyone has a blessed week! Time to go feed this hungry boy;) Thanks for stopping by!
Traci & Tripp

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