Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tripp's 1st Easter

Tripp: one month old

Although he slept through most of it, Tripp celebrated his first easter yesterday! This is the third year that Carl and I have hosted easter at our house with our families and a few friends! It was a lot of fun and extra special this year since Tripp was with us and since it just so happened to be tripp's one month birthday! I cannot believe it has already been a month! Time really does fly by! We even took tripp to church for the first time for easter services on friday night. He did really well and slept the whole time...yes our little guy loves to catch some z's! mommy and dadddy were nervous and kept a close eye on him...but everything was just great and we were even able to go out to dinner afterward!
I have of course posted a few pics below!


YaYa and her boys

Uncle Carl and the guys

cousin kate

uncle carl playing baseball with b and j

the back of tripp's outfit:)

me and my boys (carl LOVES taking pics;))
Today has been a pretty eventful day! Tripp has been eating like crazy...which is the norm now. And we went out to lunch with michelle, which was super fun and tripp was an angel and slept the whole time! Tripp has been gaining weight, which is great! His cheeks are getting chubby and his belly is growing so fast that his skinny little legs are having a hard time keeping up! :) He is too precious for words!
Well that is about it for now, just wanted to post a little update and a few pics! Hope everyone had a blessed easter weekend! We will update again soon! thanks for checking in:)
traci and tripp

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