Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in mommyhood...

Tripp: 4 weeks old

This has been quite a busy week for us. Earlier this week I took tripp to the doctor because he has been quite a fussy little guy...i know babies fuss but he was extremely fussy! The doctor thinks it his reflux that may make him fussy and told me to keep giving him his medicine. We also found out that Tripp now weighs 7lbs. 10.5oz.! He has gained like an ounce a day for the past 2 weeks! He's starting to fill out and is so precious!!

I am now beginning to understand what it is to be a mommy. You know you're a mommy when:

-you get super excited when your baby poops after he has been having excited that you sing and cheer

-you're perfectly ok with having a variety of breast milk, formula, pee and poop on your clothes at various times of the day

-you get so busy you forget to eat and go to the bathroom

-you get excited to have a conversation with an adult

-you can make dinner, do laundry and clean up all while soothing a crying baby!

-you have no idea what day or time it is

-you look forward to daddy coming home!

- a trip to walmart is a huge accomplishment!

I have been getting the hang of this mommy thing! It was hard at first but you just learn how to do it! I love my little boy so much! I never understood the love of a mommy until now. It's amazing how fast my days go by. By the time i finish nursing, clean up, put some laundry in it's time to nurse again! although 90% of my day is full of nursing I wouldnt change a thing. It is the greatest way to bond with my little guy!
We had a great week. Tripp and I were spoiled again this week when grammy brought us some lunch and came to visit. Coach (carl's dad) even dropped by to visit! Wednesday night our good friends lance and michelle took us out to Gringo's for dinner! It was yummy and Tripp did such a good job! Thursday night we all went out to dinner for grammy's bday! Tripp did really good again and we had a fun time getting together with carl's family. Tripp and I also had our first trip to walmart by ourselves this week. It was a big step for this new mommy;) it went really well! Tripp is a little long as he's full with a clean diaper!
Each week things are getting easier and I really feel like i'm getting the hang of this mommy thing! Well we hope everyone had a great week and has a blessed easter! I have posted some pics below...enjoy!

All the Schindewolf boys!

our family!

party animal

just hanging out
Traci and Tripp :)

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