Sunday, March 28, 2010

A weekend full of "firsts"

mommy's all star decked out in baseball gear for cousin blake's t-ball game

This weekend was a weekend full of firsts for little tripp! First of all tripp's umbilical cord finally fell off sometime thursday during the night. We still have yet to find it! Since his cord finally came off we were able to put him in his bathtub for the FIRST time! It was Friday morning and unfortunately carl was at work, but I gave Tripp his very first bath. He loved it and was so relaxed! After his bath he zonked out! Carl was able to be there for his evening bath, although tripp didn't seem to enjoy his evening bath as much, but that was probably because he hadn't eaten yet...and we all know a hungry baby= a fussy baby! Below is a picture of Tripp in his first bath experience! (I know one day tripp will probably be mad at mommy for sharing this pic;))

Tripp's FIRST bath!

On Friday night Carl, Tripp and I went over to Adam and Jessica's for dinner with them and Damian and Nina along with the other new babies! It was Tripp's first time to meet his new buddies Evan and Judd! It was his very first playdate;) Although Tripp was a little fussy we still managed to have a good time. I posted some pics from the night.

Judd, Evan and Tripp

Proud daddies: Adam & Judd, Damian & Evan, and Carl & Tripp

Saturday was another fun day! We took Tripp on his first big outing to baytown to watch cousin blake play t-ball. We were nervous about how tripp would do in a long car ride, so I made sure to feed him right before we left, then we strapped him up, put him in the car and off we went. Tripp did really well! He slept the whole way and even slept through the entire game! Afterwards we all went out to lunch where tripp woke up, ate and then went back to sleep...he was the perfect angel! ;) Saturday night YaYa and aunt mo watched tripp while carl and I went to wal-mart, it was nice getting out by ourselves even if it was to wal-mart:) here is a pic from the day!

Tripp with his cousin blake and "uncle buck"

Today Tripp had a rough day...poor guy! But we still managed to go over to YaYa's to hang out with her, Aunt Mo, Aunt Rat and cousins blake and jake. We are hoping tonight goes a lot better than today. Overall we had a really fun weekend and can't believe our boy is growing up so fast! We hope everyone had a good weekend:) Thanks for checking in with us!


Traci & Tripp

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