Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not feeling so great...

Well I am happy to report that for the most part my nausea is gone! I still have a few bouts every now and then but I am eating more regularly now. However, the day I proclaim to Carl that I am starting to feel better is the night that I go to bed and wake up with a very sore throat! It kept me up all night Monday and all I could do to ease the pain was drink warm liquids. My days of taking ny-quil and going to sleep when I feel bad are over!! It is now Wednesday and I am still feeling as bad as ever. I have been able to sleep a little bit better but am extremely congested. Poor baby schinde is being tossled around every time I cough ;) My dear sweet mom made me some homemade chicken soup last night that I am living off of. So am I feeling better? Yes, but now feeling bad in other ways :(

At least my birthday week starts today! For those of you who know me and my family we celebrate birthday weeks...basically meaning that we get to be bossy for a week and have an excuse ;) Carl really loves my birthday week...hehe.

Well I have babbled on enough! Just wanted to update the preggo experience. Hope everyone is having a great're halfway through!

Also, please keep Carl's mom in your has handed her a few lemons and we are working on making some lemonade ;)

traci & baby schinde

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It's a yes!
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