Thursday, September 5, 2013

Still waiting

Waiting is the hardest part of all of this. It has been 5 weeks 2 days and counting since tuck had his labs sent to genetics to confirm or deny the specific disease they are testing him for. We were told it would take 4-6 weeks for results. I was waiting because I knew either way we would have an answer. Well that was a bit shattered on Friday when I talked to one of our doctors who explained that even if it comes back negative, he could still have the disease they would then just need to test a rarer set of genes which could take up to 6 more weeks. I felt like someone just knocked me down. I'm so tired and frustrated with all of this. However, the silver lining in this storm cloud is that tuck is doing soooo well! Our GI doc is even considering stopping his night tube feedings for a while and see how he does. That means we will be one step closer to having the g-button removed! He is also getting super close to walking. He has made so much progress lately and for that I am thankful! I have to remember who is in control and who is ultimately going to heal him:) I try so hard to be positive most of the time and to keep my faith, however I am human and need a little time every once in a while to feel sorry for myself, right?? Ok maybe not too much!

On a totally different note Tripp started back to Mother's Day out this week. This year he is at trinity Lutheran and we love it! He has done so well and loves his teacher and class. My boy is getting big:) hopefully next year tucker will be well and be able to go too:)

I'm also well in the midst of my birthday week! Yes, we always had birthday weeks at our house. Most years I live it up and like to remind Carl every chance I get, but this year things have been so crazy I haven't really thought about it. I do, however, think about it when I get all my coupons and freebies in the mail! Oh and the return of my most beloved drink, the pumpkin spice latte also happens to return around my birthday! Nonetheless, I will be turning the big 3-0 on Monday! I've had a few early presents such as, my bestie traci and her husband Matt took me out to lunch last Monday to celebrate and my sweet mom had the cleaning ladies come today! I love a clean house, especially when I don't have to clean it;) tomorrow night my dad and ginger are taking Carl and I out for a nice dinner (without kiddos!! Thanks mom!!) and Saturday my awesome mom is taking me for a massage and facial followed by lunch with she and my sisters:) I am one blessed girl!! I'm looking forward to my thirties, I have an amazing husband, 2 precious boys, a wonderful family, great friends, and a faithful and loving God...what more could a girl ask for;) I really do think these will be the best years of my life:) like I've said before, here's to being fit and fabulous!!

Ok here are a few pics:)

Cruising through the pasture listening to our bible songs!

Swim date at chiefs

Playing dominos!

First day back!

My little law enforcer;)

My other law enforcer;)

Really into wrestling these days!! Boy oh boy what do I have in store;)

Thanks for stopping by! Please continue to pray for our sweet tuck:)

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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