Sunday, September 8, 2013


On the eve of my 30th birthday, I am sitting here thinking about how excited I am to be here. I used to think 20's were the best years of my life, but I'm pretty sure nothing will top my 30's! Except maybe my 40's;) we will see! I have been blessed with the most amazing man by my side who is my best friend and a wonderful daddy to our 2 precious boys:) and I have been blessed by two sweet and perfect little boys!! My life is really just beginning:) I've had my share of fun times and plenty of life experiences, good and bad, but I feel like they have all been stepping stones to where I am now. I can look back now and see what God was doing. He is still working in my life everyday, and I have learned the most important thing is to trust in Him and to give Him all the glory! He will take care of the rest!

This past weekend was full of birthday celebrations! I have to say I am blessed beyond measure with the best family and friends!! They went out of their way to make me feel special:) it all started Friday night. My dad and ginger took Carl and I out for a delicious dinner at Kirby's steakhouse followed by some wine and good laughs at a wine bar. It was such a fun night!! And I may have had a few glasses of champagne too;) it was a memorable night for so many reasons!!! Thank you dad and ginger!! Saturday morning, my mom picked me up, took me to breakfast then to a day spa where I had the most amazing facial and hot stone massage! It was a much needed day of relaxation, my massage therapist asked if I had been under any stress lately, um just a little;) after the spa we did a little shopping then rushed home to get ready to meet my sisters for lunch. My mom wouldn't tell me where we were going and just kept saying it was some new place my sister wanted us to try. I was honestly a little annoyed because we usually get to pick the place for our birthday but I thought, oh well. Anyways, they ended up surprising me and taking me to painting with a twist where family and friends were waiting to celebrate! I had no idea!! It was so much fun, I have always wanted to do that:) my sister and my mom did an amazing job with food and decorations! Thank you mom for a day I will never forget and for always being such a great mom!! Thank you Kelly for all the time and effort you put in to making my day so special! Thank you to Tiffany and all my friends and family who came out:) love you all and so blessed to have you all in my life! It was a great and memorable birthday weekend. Tomorrow on my actual birthday, my sweet hubby and boys will be taking me out to dinner:) can't think of a better way to spend my day! Bring it on 30's, I am ready:) here are a few pics from the weekend:)

On our way to dinner (thanks mom and Keith for watching the boys!)



Here are a few pictures from painting with a twist, my mom has the rest and has not sent them to me yet, hint hint mom;) I will post more later:)

My masterpiece!

Thank you for stopping by! I will update my blog as soon as I get any results on Tucker's tests, hopefully this week!! Please keep him in your prayers:) thank you all!!

Love and blessings,

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