Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday fun!

Our Friday was a bit crazy but fun! It started out with a trip to Shipleys for some donut holes then off to do some grocery shopping. After the grocery store I decided to let Tripp ride his bike and take tucker for a walk since it was such a beautiful day. We went over to the lane as usual and walked down by uncle Jimmie and aunt carrie's house. They have a small pond in front of their house with rocks,etc. Tripp always loves to climb on the rocks and throw some in the pond. Aunt carrie happened to come outside, so we were standing by the pond visiting while Tripp played on the rocks. All of a sudden Tripp looks over at us, bends his knees and jumps in the pond!! It took us both a minute to respond because we were both in shock!! Then I ran over and pulled him out, he was up to his neck!! She ran inside and grabbed a towel. Through our laughter we cleaned him up and took off his clothes. As soon as I took him out he looked at me and said "daddy spank butt". Haha!! He knew he was not supposed to do that but the temptation had been building!! It was actually quite humorous!! Wish I had filmed or taken pictures:) I had to bring his little butt home and give him a bath to wash off all the nasty pond water! After the whole debacle, sweet aunt carrie treated us to some delicious chick fil a! We are so blessed to live here and be a part of such a wonderful family. Oh the joys of fearless little boys!! I'm in for many more years of fun!!

Friday after afternoon we were back outside! We also spent some time with coach who hasn't been feeling well since his surgery. Carl even made it home a little early and spent some time with us and his dad too! When we got home Carl had brought me home some flowers and wine. Love my hubby!! It has been a rough couple of weeks for so many reasons, so having a sweet hubby is such a blessing, especially when he has been so busy working and helping his dad too! We ended the night with some fajitas, chips and queso, snuggles with our boys, some tv and some wine. It was a great Friday!! Here are a few pics!

Thursday we had my sister and nephews over for a play date and chief even stopped by for lunch!!

Love their chief!


We let some balloons go for Grammy in heaven!

My silly boy!

My calm little boy:)

Here is the pond Tripp took a swim in!

My sweet flowers from my hubby!

stretches before my nice run this morning!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

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