Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Being a mommy is hard

Being is a mom is a true blessing but with that blessing comes struggle and worry on a daily basis. There are the small everyday worries like making sure your kiddo eats, sleeps, goes potty, has a clean diaper etc. then there are worries about the future, worrying if you are doing the right things now to prepare them for the future. It never stops, the worry.

Lately my worry has been quadrupled. My little tucker has had a rough past month. Not only has he been teething and cutting his molars, he has had a cold and allergies too. This has meant many sleepless nights and many fussy days. Through the past month he has been so lethargic and not wanting to do anything but sit in his chair or in my lap. Tucker has also been having feeding problems where he doesn't want to swallow his food. We have seen OT's and are currently on a waiting list to see a speech pathologist to determine if a swallow study is needed. He also had some major food allergies for about 3 months earlier on and thankfully outgrew those. However lately he has been so lethargic and losing weight. We went to our pediatrician yesterday and after a lengthy visit, an examination and a blood test (all clear!) it was determined that these issues are pure nutrition problems at this point. The dr recommended that we give him pediasure along with his milk to help with this problem. Only problem is tuck refuses to drink it!! Then he refused to drink his milk. It was a rough night and an even tougher morning trying to get him to eat. He wants to eat table foods that he can't handle right now and refuses to eat the purées that he can. Not to mention I spent most of the morning on the phone with dr's offices trying to get him on waiting lists to see the necessary people. It is super frustrating!! I'm trying not to complain but it's so hard watching your little boy not feeling great and not eating:(

After the horrible morning I had, I had to run to the grocery store to get a different flavor of pediasure and get some gas. After pumping gas I drove through chick fil a to get Tripp some lunch and tucker a milkshake. When I went to pay I realized I didn't have my debit card. After searching my car I went back to Kroger to look at the pump I was at. There was an older lady there so I just looked around and drove off. I started crying and thought geez now I have to spend the afternoon on the phone canceling my card. At that very moment my phone rang and it was a lady from chase bank. She told me a lady had found my card at the gas station and turned it in there. I started crying harder and she could hear the kids in the car. She told me to just drive through and she would give it to me there so I didn't have to get the kids out. I wanted to jump out of the car and give her a hug! Just proof that God is always with me and that there are good honest people in this world! I really needed that today!

Even as hard as it has been we are so thankful to our lord and savior because we know he is going to point us in the right direction and get this feeding issue taken care of.

Other than that things have been crazy as usual! Trying to keep my head above water and be a good mom and wife too!! I will end this post with some recent fun pictures!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my rant! Please keep tucker in your prayers:)

Loves to relax with daddy

Love this time of year!

Mowing in his pjs!

My handsome hubby after I schooled him in a game of pig!

Loves to play!

Trying to drive over the leaf piles!

Taking cousin Kate for a ride, she was eager to get off!! Too crazy for her!

My poor baby everytime we drive through the car wash!!

My fave snack at the moment!

Being a mommy is hard work!

Tripp at the grocery store, about sums up my morning!!

Here's to an easier tomorrow:)

Love an blessings,

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  1. I hate those days! I'm so sorry you are stressing. I hope Tucker starts eating soon, and I will definitely be praying for him. Poor little guy, I can't believe he is still lethargic! What a blessing you got your card back so easily. Love little things like that, that mean so much. You are a wonderful mommy, and I don't know anyone who loves their kids more than you do!!! Hope tomorrow is much less stressful. Remember I'm always just a phone call away!!!

  2. When it rains, it pours! Sorry Tuck has been feeling bad lately......just remember, this too shall pass! You're a great mom...never forget that! Prayers for Tuck to feel better and for better days ahead!


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