Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'll be here for you

As I was running this morning one of my favorite songs came on. It has a whole new meaning for me now that I have two precious little boys. They are my everything and I would do anything for them!! Here it is:

"Good times come and then they go
The rain will fall the wind will blow
Through it all you gotta know
I'll do what I can do
To protect you right or wrong
Heal the hurt 'til the hurt is gone
I'll be right where I belong
I'll be here for you
I'll be here
When the sky turns gray
The sun goes blind
And the moon won't stay
I'll be the light to guide your way
Onto some place new
I'll be here
When the crowd is gone
The last note fades on the very last song
I'll be the road to take you home
I'll be here for you
When your star falls from the sky
And your wings don't want to fly
Just remember I'm standing by
To help to see you through
'Cause better days
Will come again
Clouds will break,
Your heart will mend
I'll be where I've always been
I'll be here for you"

Robert Earl Keen

Every time I hear this song I think of my boys (my hubby too). I would do anything for them:) I'm so blessed:)
Today should be a crazy day for us:) Carl is working today:( so I will be taking the boys to Evan's birthday party solo! This should be interesting:) hopefully they will both be good for mommy:) after Carl gets home this afternoon he is going to go over to his dad's house to help with some yard work since he is not able to right now. Then we will be having dinner with the Schindes:) so it's going to be another long day for this mommy!! Glad I had enough willpower to get out of bed and go for a run before Carl left, I'm going to need the energy bolt:)
I will end with some recent pics:) hope all have a fab Saturday!!

Ok, I was looking through some pictures and couldn't believe how different my boys look!! Btw, they are wearing the outfit that their daddy wore home from the hospital. Susie and I put it on both of them and took pictures:)


Silly Tripp

Mommy and tuck

Tripp wanted a hot dog for breakfast the other day, wasn't worth the argument and he ate it all!

Our afternoons on Schindewolf lane

My little boy who is all boy and loves to get dirty!!

My early Mother's Day present from Carl and the it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

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