Sunday, January 27, 2013


I know I say it all the time, but we love living where we live!! We are blessed to be around our family all the time and we have so much room for the boys to run and play! Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I think we spent most of it outside. I started my day with a run all by myself! What a great start to the day:) once I got back, Carl and Tripp were out the door! Tuck had to take a little snoozer before he went out;)

Yesterday, Aunt Janelle bought a new basketball goal for this slab of concrete that is in between her house and coach's house. Carl has been thinking about doing that for some time now so we were so excited when she came home with one! Carl and aunt Janelle spent most of the morning getting it put together, once it was up everybody went in and took a rest then later in the day we were all back out there again:) Tripp had a blast playing basketball!! Tuck enjoyed playing with his toys on the slab and watching, and daddy, coach and aunt Janelle all played too!! Just another fun thing for us to do!! We are so blessed! Here are a few pics, again snapped with my phone! Really need to carry my camera out with me!!

Playing basketball!

Dunk time:)

Carl was really excited about this pic I snapped;) he and coach were "alley hooping";)

Sweet boy!

Playing on coach's John Deere

Our day wouldn't be complete without a ride with coach:)

Tuck needed a break from all the excitement:)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Sunday all:)

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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