Monday, January 14, 2013

Playing catch up

Lots to catch up on! This past week my mom celebrated her birthday! It was on Thursday so while Tripp was in school, tucker and I went to her work and brought her some lunch. We also made a cake for her and Tripp couldn't wait for her to come over so he could sing to her and help her blow out her candles:) since her birthday was during the week, my sisters and I waited to celebrate with her until the weekend. So yesterday we took her to lunch and a movie. It was so much fun getting together with the girls and having a little me time! I was having such a good time, that I didn't take any pictures:( oh well!! Happy birthday mom!!

This past weekend we also decided it was time to go cold turkey on the bottle! I have tried several times in the past week to trade Tucker's bottle out for the cup but no luck! He would throw the cup across the room and scream!! It was too much to handle with both boys so I decided waiting for Carl to be around for some relief was probably a good idea. With Tripp the transition was super smooth, we just have him a cup instead of his bottle and he never looked back. So I figured the same for tuck right?? Wrong!!! We started yesterday morning and it was rough!! We must have tried 5 different cups and all he did was scream!! Finally Carl got the idea to put the cup lid on his bottle and see what he did. It worked like a charm! He looked and saw his bottle so he took it immediately. Smart cookie!! The next step would be to put the top on his cup. It was time for me to go with my mom and sisters so I left it like that. A few hours later Carl sent me a text message with a picture that said "super dad". There was tucker drinking out of his cup!! Way to go daddy!! So that is where we are now. Going on day 2 with no bottle. Wish us luck!! Next step, potty training a stubborn 2.5 year old boy!! Lots of big changes in 2013:)

We also managed to get rid of lots of baby stuff and continue cleaning up our house! So far so good on my goals for the new year! Ok here are some more iPhone pictures, I did download some from my camera but the blogger site keeps messing up! Will gets those on soon:)

Even though they lost, we still love our texans!!

Happy birthday yaya!!

Visiting yaya at work


I think coach liked his Christmas present that finally came in!!

Sweet boy before no more bottle

Throwing a fit because he wants his bottle!

Step one!

Success!! Way to go super dad!

Ok, now I normally don't post pics of myself but I've decided to do so to hold myself accountable to my fitness goals this year and to tone up more!! I hope to see some progress this year:)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a blessed week:)

Love and blessings,

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