Monday, January 7, 2013


Last night as I was holding tucker and watching Carl and tripp playing, I couldn't help the big smile that spread across my face and in my heart! I am truly blessed with the most amazing husband and father and two healthy and precious little boys! Thank you Lord for your blessings in my life!

Last night we had a dinner date at pappasitos! And by we, I mean me and my three handsome boys:) the boys did really good, they watched special agent oso most of the time on the iPad and ate chips:) it was a great night!

Other than that, most of the weekend was spent around the house, running errands and organizing! Carl helped take down decorations on Schindewolf lane yesterday and When I took the boys out there Tripp even helped out, super cute!! Ok here are some pictures from my iPhone. Hopefully I will load pics from my camera on to my computer soon:)

- rough housing with daddy

Happy boy!

Love him!!

Waiting for daddy to get home

Too big for their britches, Tripp is shaving and tucker is riding a motorcycle!

Somebody was excited to get cheese balls!

Riding on the lane

Mommy and tuck

2 of my Dinner dates!

Love my boys!!

We are back in the swing of things! Carl is back to working everyday:( we enjoyed having him off so much for the holidays!! And Tripp is back to Mother's Day out this week and is going to start going two days a week since he loves it so much! We will see how it goes! Hope all have a great and blessed week:) thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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