Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sweet summer time

15 weeks

We have been busy little bees already this summer! Tripp has been so active and keeping me busy. I enrolled him in a gymboree class and in a mommy/baby swim class. We have been to both for the first time and he loved it! Last week we had our first gymboree class and after just arriving the teacher noticed how well tripp was climbing (on the chairs in the waiting area) and running all around and suggested we might want to move him up to the older class. We went ahead and tried out the class with his age group and sure enough he was a little more physically advanced than the others. At one point the teacher had all the babies push on this one big log and roll it across the gym. Well our little haus, started pushing so hard that one by one all the other babies would fall and tripp pushed it all the rest of the way by himself! It was hysterical! Needless to say we will be joining the older class this week:) Today we had our first swim class. Tripp seemed to really enjoy it and actually behaved for the most part;) grammy and coach even came to watch, Tripp was really excited to see them. I have been trying to let him stay active and stay indoors as much as possible! It's just too hot! We even bought a bigger pool for the backyard so that tripp and I can spend some time outdoors and stay nice and cool. We have been having a blast!

tripp is now 15 months old and changing so much! He has always been ahead with the physical aspects but is now starting to communicate and understand better. He loves to say "dada" all the time! Now he knows how to say "ba" for ball and "baa" for his basball bat. He also loves to push his trucks and cars all over the floor and makes a "vroooom" sound when he does. He has a little baseball tee set and we say "tripp get your bat" and he runs over and gets his bat, then we say "swing!" and he hits the ball with the bat. It's really cute. He can also say "mama" and "yaya" and he knows who grammy, coach, chief, and his aunt, uncle and cousins are. Whenever I say "where's grammy and coach?" He runs to the door and waits then gets really mad when we don't go outside! At grammy and coach's house, you can usually find coach in his chair and tripp knows exactly where it is. In fact he waits for coach to get up then he runs over and jumps in his chair! He thinks its so funny when coach comes over to get him! this little boy LOVES his daddy. It is so precious to watch them together. I am one lucky girl to have carl as a husband and father to my little boy and soon to be other little boy:) These boys are really blessed to have such a great man to look up to. I love having a little boy and am excited to have another!

I guess I have rambled on enough. Just wanted to post an update on our precious and active little man. enjoy the pictures!

grammy and tripper before his first swim class

tripp swimming at graham's birthday party!

his fave place to sit...in the tray on the ottoman

daddy and tripp at the pool

thanks for stopping by and checking in! we hope all are staying cool and enjoying summer so far!

Love and blessings,


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