Friday, June 24, 2011

A little monkey and his mommy

I thought I would start with an update on our little tucker. I went to the doctor on wednesday and got to hear his precious music to my ears:) All looked good and he's growing like he should. I have been feeling really good! Been eating a lot as usual but have also noticed that my little tummy has really sprouted out in the past week! Guess this little boy is growing good:) I felt tucker really moving around yesterday morning, in fact it even woke me up! Looks like carl and I will have another early bird on our hands:) Here are some of the things I have been craving lately: cheeseburgers, chips and salsa, jalapenos, anything salty and sandwiches. A random assortment...i know;) I guess that's it for tucker for now...we're almost at 18 weeks! It is going fast!!

Now on to the little monkey, also known as tripp:) He has been keeping me busy as usual. He is able to find a way to crack me up everyday. Whether it be dancing, talking, climbing or discovering soomething new....this boy keeps me busy and my heart full of joy:) We have been staying busy and trying to stay indoors. gymboree and open gym have been a lifesaver and tripp has really enjoyed it. We went today and turns out our little boy is quite the flirt! He buddied himself up with 2 little girls, both of whom were precious little blonds! Oh boy! We have a busy fun weekend ahead including tripp's first astro's game! We can't wait...I will of course post pictures soon. Enjoy a few recent pictures of our monkey!

at gymboree trying to hide some balls

pushing the log...his favorite


has a few things to learn about the potty;)

chilaxin....a rare moment for this lil boy;)

likes to climb into and sit in shelves

new fave sitting spot

We hope all have a great weekend! Thanks for checking in! Will update again soon.

Love and Blessings,

Traci, Tripp and baby Tucker:)

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It's a yes!
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