Monday, October 4, 2010

7 Months Old

tripp ryder 7 months

Our precious little boy is now 7 months old. He is just getting bigger and bigger everytime I turn around! He has changed so much in the past few months and is keeping this mama very busy! Here are some things are our big boy is up to these days:

  • wearing size 12-18 months

  • size 4 diapers

  • eats 3 meals a day

  • LOVES banana yogurt and has it with each meal ( we call it "gurts")

  • loves gerber puffs and yogurt bites

  • usually eats 1/2-1 whole jar of baby food at dinner and half at lunch, plus yogurt and puffs too!

  • will open his mouth wide when he wants more food!

  • will drink water out of his sippee cup

  • runs circles around the kitchen in his jeep very fast, especially when he sees his daddy!

  • sccots around the living room (not quite crawling yet)

  • likes to sit outside and play

  • talks a lot!

  • loves to scream

  • also likes to eat gerber bitter biscuits

  • loves to look at himself in the mirror

  • will climb out of any chair we put him in!

  • still loves praise baby, mickey mouse and handy manny!

  • chews on everything!!

  • gets into everything!

  • trys to grab everything and especially loves paper

Those are just a few changes in the past few months. Needless to say this little boy keeps me plenty busy! He usually takes 2 good naps mommy gets a little break;) Tripp is overall a very happy little boy and we just love him to pieces!

We had a great weekend this past weekend and have been enjoying the weather! Friday night we went over to erik and kristen's to have dinner and celebrate uncle erik's birthday! On saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch and had a blast! Tripp loved seeing all the kiddos running around and was really fascinated with all the pumpkins. Mommy had fun taking lots of pictures! Later carl and I took tripp on a long bike ride and tripp loved it! It was a nice laid back weekend. Sunday we started off by watching a nice online service while tripp was napping, spent some time outside and later had our parents and my grandparents over for dinner. It was a great weekend!

Now here is our past week/weekend in pictures....enjoy!


yum! yogurt!

so sweet

daddy and tripp playing with rocky

making a mess with my cookie!

look what i did!

mommy and tripp at the park

daddy and tripp at the park

playing outside with mommy

so cute!

on the turkey at the pumpkin patch

our lil' punkin


our family

in to everything!

riding in cousin kate's jeep

happy birthday uncle erik!

likes to get into trash (daddy even had to build cabinet insert where we could put trash can and hide it!)

such a happy boy!

hanging with his buddies
Thanks for stopping by! We hope all have a great week!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & tripp


  1. Love all the pics! The pumpkin patch ones are adorable.

  2. So many good pictures! I love his smile in the green shirt photo. Also love the pumpkin pics...those always turn out so cute!

  3. What pumpkin patch did y'all go to? It looks like a good one!!!!

  4. He is soooo handsome (and it's not just because I'm his Grammy!).


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It's a yes!
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