Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Carl's masterpiece!
In keeping with the spirit of fall and halloween, carl and I decided to have a family pumpkin carving day! Yaya bought tripp his very first pumpkin and Carl carved tripp's favorite character in it....Mickey Mouse! Carl is very creative and did an amazing job....we are so proud of our daddy!! Tripp loves his pumpkin and we love our lil punkin'!!

tripp's first pumpkin

daddy hard at work

mommy and tripp watching daddy work

pumpkin carving...although tripp is more interested in the juicy fruit container;)
On Monday morning I decided to take tripp to library story time. I have been wanting to go for a while but just didn't know how tripp would react. Well he LOVED it! He just kept smiling and laughing the whole time! But especially when they pulled out the parachute, he grabbed on and would not let go! It was so fun and we will definitely be going every week now!

watching the bubbles at the library

watching all the other babies play

my grocery store buddy:) isn't he handsome?!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope all are having a great week. Make sure and take a moment to thank God for all the blessings in your life!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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  1. We go to library time too! In fact, we almost made it on Monday, but we were running late, then Graham spit up on the way out the door,then he fell asleep in the car on the way there. I made it to the parking lot, and decided to go grocery shopping instead, ha! I felt bad though, because even though he's so little, he really likes it! Which one do y'all go to? We go to the one in Tomball.


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It's a yes!
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