Monday, September 27, 2010

one busy little boy...

Things have been really busy at our house lately! Our little boy is on the move! We put him in his walker and he takes off! I can put him in on one side of the kitchen and before I can even walk to the sink he is right at my heels! He's a fast little guy! He especially loves when daddy is home, he will take off in whatever direction daddy happens to be. Lately, Tripp has been especially fascinated with the trash can! I have to keep that sucker as clean as possible because he will zoom over in his walker and grab that can! This morning I walked over to the bathroom to get a towel and when I came back tripp had zipped across the kitchen and was trying to put part of the trash bag in his mouth! yuck!! mommy has to watch very closely these days!! Tripp also likes to roll and scoot around all over the carpet! I can't leave him alone for a second or he'll scoot himself all the way across the room and try to grab something hes not supposed to have. The mischief has already begun!

Tripp is getting so big! We have started having all meals in his high chair now. He likes to snack on gerber puffs while eating his meals. He even finished a whole jar of baby food last night at dinner! Boy is he a good eater:) We also bought a new tub for tripp. We bought him a rubber ducky inflatable tub which has been great! Tripp sits up in there and plays with his toys. The duck even quacks when you squeeze its beak...tripp loves it! Tripp has also been taking a longer morning nap these days, which is great for mommy to get stuff done:) lots of changes in the schindewolf house!

We took tripp to get his 6 month pictures taken this past weekend. I planned it out so that we would go right after nap and tripp would be happy. He was happy as could be until we walked into the studio. He then proceeded to scream the entire time! We did manage to get a few cute pictures though! It was pretty funny!! Guess tripp really is like his daddy and hates having his picture taken, he even took a pee pee all over the set! wow, good times;)

Last night we hosted small group and afterwards we all went outside since the weather was so nice. The guys started a little football game and the little guys (our babies) really enjoyed watching their daddys play! Tripp would laugh everytime someone caught the football! Poor daddy was very sore this morning;)

This morning we had playgroup/bible study at our house as well. We decided to do most of it outside since it felt so great out! Tripp really loved it! We love this fall weather and can't wait for it to stay!!

Well that is about all that has been going on around here. Here are some pictures from our week....enjoy!

exhausted after getting pictures done


our little slugger

male bonding time;)

my boys!

all the guys

tripp and adam

on the move!

love my new tub!


what a big boy:)
We hope all have a blessed week and enjoy the weather!! Thanks for stopping by!
love and blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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  1. He peed all over the set lol! I had bible study this morning too and loved it!


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It's a yes!
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