Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tripp's first halloween party!!

our precious little monkey!
This weekend we attended the annual "cowan/starr halloween party"! It's a big party full of food, family, hayrides, monsters and a lot of fun that carl's cousin amy throws every year! It's a always a lot of fun but this year it was extra special because tripp was with us! As you can see we dressed tripp as a little monkey...he was so cute and kept losing his balance because the costume was so fluffy!! We didn't get to keep his costume on long because it was too hot for our little guy! But no worries, we got plenty of cute pictures!! Below are some pictures from the party.

now you know why we call him our lil' monkey;)

family shot in the "haunted woods"

tripp and the big spider!

borrowing cousin gabe's truck:)

tripp and judd (wearing tripp's monkey head!)

the pretty butterfly and her monkey cousin!

sweet cousins:)

mommy and her monkey

crazy grammy with the monkey and the butterfly!

carl and tripp, erik and kate


We had sooooo much fun! Thanks again amy and the crew!! Today we are going to continue with some halloween festivities and carve tripp's BIG pumpkin that yaya bought for him! Daddy is going to carve mickey mouse in his pumpkin....his favorite! Below are some more pictures from our weekend....enjoy!

watching praise baby...loves it!

can you guess what sport daddy wants me to play?!

my "i'm hungry" face!

sweet boy

lil punkin with his lil pumpkin (thanks grammy!)

tripp with his daddy, grammy and coach!

my precious boy!

more food please!!

so sweet!! (this is my world!!)
We hope everyone had as fun a weekend as we had! Thanks for stopping by and may all have a blessed week!!! Stop by again soon:)
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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  1. Sorry I didn't comment earlier - just got to the blog. You did a great job (I think that wig classes up my image!) Tripp is such a sweet little monkey!


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It's a yes!
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