Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Wow! What a fun long weekend we had! Carl was off Thursday, Friday and Monday so we had lots of family time, which tripp especially loved! We started off the weekend by driving yaya (my mom) to the airport because she went away for the long weekend. On friday morning we had tripp's 6 month well check and shots!! :( He was a champ and as I spoke about in the previous blog I had to do it by myself because carl was at a meeting and yaya was gone! We both survived!! The rest of the day was nice and relaxing and we even went to visit nana and papa (my grandparents). Saturday afternoon Carl and I had a nice afternoon movie date! It was nice to spend some time together. Thanks grammy and coach for watching the little tripper:) Sunday we started by watching church online live since our little monkey decided he wanted to sleep in:) Then we went over to chief and ging's for a labor day bar-b-que! It was so fun and so yummy and of course we loved seeing chief, ging, uncle buck, aunt mo, cousins blake and jake, and aunt rat! They even surprised me with an rj goodies cake (my favorite!!) for an early birthday celebration!! It was delicious!!! Thanks chief and ging!! We love family gatherings!! :) We rounded out the weekend by having lunch with carl's family at his aunt karens. Another yummy meal and more family time. We are blessed!! I have posted some fun pictures from our weekend below. Enjoy!!

cruisin' in my sponge bob jammies (thanks aunt momo!)

my yummy cake!!

my sisters and all my boys:)

aunt mo, aunt rat, jake, and mike hanging out

uncle carl/daddy with jake and tripper (smile carl!!)

chief with jake and blake

tripper could pass for their child!

all the boys, aunt mo, and carl hiding

daddy took tripp for a ride and he loved it!

who do i look like?! (hint: poker face)

aunt peggy, tripp, kate and grammy at aunt karen's

aunt karen, uncle joe, grammy and tripper

what a cutie!!

what tripp does at the doc to keep himself entertained

dressed alike!! (not on purpose, but sooo cute!!)
Well tripp and I have already had an adventure this morning! We went to target to pick up some baby necessities this morning to try and beat the rain, well just as we thought we had done it....it started pouring as we were walking out of target! It was like a monsoon!! So i had to trek back in, buy a poncho and cover up the tripper. As I was marathon running to the car I dropped my bag, had to pick it up and got soaked in the process!! Tripp managed to stay dry and thought it was hilarious! Just another adventure in mommyland! What a great start to my birthday week!! We already can't wait til next weekend when we get to celebrate with yaya!! Well gotta go and change a not so pleasant diaper! ;) Hope all have a blessed week and try and stay dry! Thanks for stopping by!!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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