Friday, September 3, 2010

6 Months Old

Happy 1/2 birthday to our little man!! I can't believe it but our little boy is 6 months old. Where does the time go?? He is so precious and so alert these days. He is such a blessing in our lives and we cannot imagine our lives without him! We wonder what we ever did before him....probably sleep;) To start off our post we have tripp's 6 months stats from the doctor this morning:

height: 27 1/2 in.
weight: 20.7 lbs
which are both in the 90th percentile and his head circumference is still in the 97th percentile! The doctor likes to joke with us and said to us today "who do yall think he looks like?" as we were answering his question he then said, "well i'm just trying to figure out where he gets his big head from!" haha!! He just has a big head to fit his big brain in ;) All in all, tripp is a healthy, but big 6 month old. The doctor also gave us the go ahead to let tripp start trying some gerber puffs since tripp tries to grab for food. We will be trying that tonight! Tripp also had to get his 6 month shots! And I had to do it all by myself because carl had to leave for a meeting and my mom is out of town! I thought i was going to pass out. Even the nurse was like, "oh no you're by yourself?" she knows what a wimp I am and probably didn't want to have to resuscitate me! Well I survived and more importantly tripper was a champ! He cried at first but then stopped and fell right to sleep in the car. BIG day for mommy and tripper today! :) and we both survived:)

Like I said before tripp has been a lot more active and alert these days. Here are some of the things this big lil man has been up to:

  • likes to play with his hair and mommy's mouth and nose when he eats
  • grabs EVERYTHING, especially the remote, our cell phones and drinks in our hands (he even opens his mouth as if he wants to drink too!)
  • Has graduated to a big boy carseat an loves it!
  • eats cereal with fruit in the morning and veggies at night....started veggies at lunch today too!
  • rollin' around ALL the time...even wakes him up at night
  • can climb out of his chair
  • always moving his feet and toes
  • likes to eat his toes
  • loves his jumper
  • likes to be moving all the time!
  • wearing 12 months and size 3 diapers
  • loves to look at himself in the mirror (daddy says he's just like his uncle erik)
  • toots all the time and it sounds like an you can imagine the looks I get in public:)
  • likes to let us know hes pooping...he grunts REALLY loud!
  • screams when he wants our attention....and it works, especially in public!
  • smiles and laughs all the time
  • loves early morning runs with mommy (never makes a peep, except to laugh!)
  • can sit on own for a second then slowly falls to side
  • chews on everything!
  • likes to make big splashes in tub and likes to chew on washcloths
  • takes 2 big naps and sometimes a little cat nap mid-day
  • is very nosey and likes to look at everything and everyone around
  • still loves to be outside

Here are a few things that melt my heart....

  • when he smiles his big smile and laughs his little chuckle
  • see the way his face lights up when daddy gets home
  • when he nuzzles his head in my arm and neck when tired
  • when he falls asleep in my arms
  • watching him sleep
  • the way he smiles at me when I have been away for a bit
  • the way that he just loves to be with me!
  • I just love being his mommy!!

To say that tripp has been the biggest blessing in our lives would not even begin to cover it. We love this little boy more than life and are so proud to be his parents. I love watching him grow and change but also wish time wouldn't go by so fast! We love our life! Here are some fun pictures of our 6 month old....enjoy!!

trying to eat his baseball

sitting up!

got distracted by mickey mouse!

"hmm...maybe I can kick this ball"

smiling for mama!

hey y'all!

hanging out

just like daddy

we went to visit chief and ging and had lunch with them!

daddy trying out tripp's new trailer

tripp in his new trailer
We hope everyone has a happy and safe labor day weekend! We will update again after the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!
love and blessings,
Traci and tripp


  1. Happy 6 months, Tripp! Tell your momma that you need a Happy 1/2 Birthday, cake! It's tradition in the McWhorter home. :)

  2. Happy Half Birthday Little Man! We love you!
    Coach & Grammy


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It's a yes!
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