Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday!

I may be 27, but i'm still a child at heart! (thanks blakey for taking a great picture:))

I have had the greatest birthday of my life this year! Mainly because tripper was here to celebrate with me!! I have such wonderful family and friends who made me feel very special. The morning of my birthday started with breakfast in bed from my wonderful hubby and baby boy! After Carl went to work Tripper and I played together all morning! Later on in the morning, my dad and ginger stopped by and brought me a pumpkin spice latte, my favorite!! For lunch we headed up to my mom's office where my sister met us and brought us all some yummy sushi and edemame for my bday lunch! That night, carl came home with flowers and 2 cards, one from him and one from my baby! my mom stopped by to watch tripp while carl took me out to dinner. It was a great day overall! I also had numerous phone calls, texts, emails and facebook messages from so many friends and family. I love you all and feel very blessed!! Saturday my mom and keith took all of us out to dinner and treated us with yummy cupcakes for my annual birthday celebration. It was a lot of un and very good!! However, our little buddy came down with a cold friday night and was feeling a bit under the weather, poor guy! We still managed to have great time!! Thanks guys, love yall!!

Today poor tripp has been snezzing and snezzing and has a runny nose:( So we were not able to make it to church, but we were able to watch it live online. What a powerful service! So glad we didn't have to miss it! We are very excited about starting our small group tonight! Can't wait to see what God has in store for us all!

Well below are some pictures from my birthday celebrations and a few others! Hope you enjoy.

mommy and tripper

what a precious boy

watching church with mommy

daddy, tripper and jake

mom and keith

me and my precious nephews

me and my sisters!

tiffany and too:)

our precious family

tripper with aunt rat

my delicious cupcakes

girl shot!

what a happy day!

tripper's favorite trick

so sweet

And the best gift of all......

My boys!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

Traci & tripp


  1. Hey! Your man even kinda smiled in that last one ;) happy birthday girl!

  2. Love the birthday pictures. That Tripper is getting so big and really responding! He's a keeper!


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It's a yes!
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