Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exciting Friday!

Friday was a really big day for us! Tripp learned a new trick and he slept in his crib for the first time!! First here is tripp's new trick:

On my back...
kicking my legs....

and rolled over on my side!
This was very exctiting for us! I would lay on his left side and he would kick his legs to get some momentum and then would roll right over on his side! I even caught it on video for daddy to see! But luckily carl walked in the door right as tripp was performing his new talent! He was more than happy to show it off for daddy!! Yay Tripp!!
On Thursday afternoon I received a wrapped package in the mail. The card read: "Happy Everyday to the best mother in the world". It was so sweet and unexpected. Inside the box was a video monitor! I had told carl I was really apprehensive about putting tripp in his crib without being able to see and hear him. So we had discussed a video monitor but hadn't made any final decisions. So when I got one in the mail I was so excited...what a sweet hubby I have! So Friday night we tried it out and transferred tripp from his bassinet in our room to his crib in his room. He slept great and had no problems! Mommy on the hand was super worried and watched him on his monitor most of the night! I think I will feel better about it tonight:) What a big boy we have! He is just growing up so fast!
Thursday night Carl was so sweet and watched tripp while I had a girl's night with my mom and sister to see Sex and the City 2! It was so fun and great to get out! Thanks honey!! Tripp of course loved spending the evening with his daddy!!
Today is My little sister's Birthday! We are all going to Benihana's tonight to celebrate! It will be tripp's first trip (out of the womb) to benihana's!! Happy Birthday Aunt Rat!!! We love you!!
We have a super fun and busy weekend ahead! we will definitely update after the weekend! Hope everyone has a fun and blessed holiday weekend!! Below are a few pictures...enjoy!

Tripp watching his morning disney channel

Tripp and tired!

look at that belly!

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Traci & Tripp:)

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  1. It's wonderful to read about all of Tripp's "tricks"! Can't wait to be able to pick him up again! By the way, I love that onsie that says "My daddy can fix anything" - how true. He's changing so much (Tripp, not Carl!)


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It's a yes!
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