Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 1/2 months and getting so big!

cousins! (jake, blake and tripp)

Can't believe another week has passed. Time really does fly by! Our precious little boy is now 2 1/2 months old and getting bigger by the minute! He is such a joy and it is a privilege to be his mommy! Here are a few things I love about being a mommy:

  • being the only on who can soothe my little guy sometimes
  • when my little guy wraps his little arms around my neck
  • melts my heart to see him smile and laugh
  • love to see carl and tripp together
  • love to watch tripp relax in his bath
  • love the smell of my freshly bathed guy
  • love to see tripp so happy in his swing outside
  • when tripp "talks" to me
  • and most of all...just being with him!

I certainly feel blessed, not only to have a precious and healthy little boy but also to have a wonderful hands-on supportive hubby and daddy for tripp:) Also blessed to have a wonderful extended family. This past weekend kelly and the boys came into town. We had so much fun hanging out with them. On Friday afternoon Kelly and I braved a trip to Sam's with a 1 and 6 year old boy and a 21/2 month old boy! It was quite an adventure. Just a little example of our adventure at one point: blake was climbing on top of piles and jumping through isles, jake was trying to grab on to my basket so he could play with tripp and when tripp wasn't sleeping he was whining! Oh so much fun!! kelly and I enjoyed every minute:) Later we all went over to yaya's (who was out of town and missed the festivities) and got to see our sister tiffany who is in from school for the summer. It was nice spending time with my sisters and boys:) The picture from above is from our weekend together as well as some below...enjoy!

Last week my sister tiffany came over during the week to visit me and tripp. We discovered that she has a super power...putting babies right to sleep! Tripp was really fussy and after about 20 minutes of trying to put him to sleep I asked her to hold him for a sec while I made a bottle. I thought I had gone deaf for a second when it went silent until I turned around and saw tripp sleeping soundly on her chest! It happened again's like instantly calming! I invited her to move in at that moment...who needs college anyways;) Below is a picture of the super hero at work:)

We (by we I mean carl;)) recently out up a swing for tripp outside in our breezeway. Tripp LOVES it! It almost always puts him right to sleep! In fact for the past 2 mornings Carl and I will put him in the swing and sit and enjoy our morning coffee together. It is just too precious! Needless to say Tripp and I will be spending many a days outside in the breezeway! Carl and I even bought a fan today to put out there to help keep our little sweater cool!

Tripp is starting to be more on a schedule now-a-days. He still eats about every 2 hours during the day and now at night he is sleeping much longer! Last night he slept from about 8:30-4:45am! It was great! I of course woke up a few times to check on him but he was sleeping like a little angel. On average he usually sleeps for about 5 hours after his bath and night bottle, then wakes up for a bottle and goes back to sleep for about another 4 hours. Of course this still fluctuates sometimes. All in all things are getting much better!

Well I guess that is enough rambling for now! Below are some of the pictures discussed earlier in this post. Enjoy!! :)

cousin blake and tripp

cousin jake giving tripp hugs and sweet!

precious jake (who could say no to that face!)

almost caught tripp smiling!

aunt mo cutting tripp's nails...I'm not a pro yet;)

aunt rat working her magic;)

still in his pj's and passed out!

later in the day and starting to zonk out!

Thanks for checking in on our crazy life! We will update again soon!! Hope everyone has a blessed week!
Traci & Tripp

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  1. Can't believe he's sleeping like that at night - how wonderful. Hope it gets even better! Looks like the "girls" have had a great time together!


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It's a yes!
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