Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really fun filled memorial day weekend! Saturday was my litle sister's birthday so we all went out to benihana's to celebrate. It was Tripp's first time! He really liked looking around! He was a little angel and we had a great time and a great dinner!!

On Sunday Carl and I spent the day taking care of things around the house. We also decided to try out tripp in his little baby pool. He wasn't a big fan and didn't have much of an expression at all. He just kind of looked at us like "come on this is boring...and stop taking my picture mommy!" He didn't start smiling and laughing until daddy pulled him out and started drying him off! See picture above! Sunday night we headed over to carl's parents for some yummy gringos!

Monday was a busy day and we had a blast! We started off the day at my mom's where we had some yummy grilled steaks, sweet potatoes and salad! We had a good time hanging out and tripp of course loves seeing his yaya! Later we went over to lance's house to go swimming with he, michelle and some of his family and friends. We were wondering how tripp would like a "real" swimming pool. Well he loved it! He loved kicking his legs and probably enjoyed the cool water on such a hot day! We had so much fun hanging out with all of them. Lance's mom was even sweet enough to watch tripp for us so we could hang out by the pool and visit with everyone! It was such a fun day! Tripp loved hanging out with his uncle lance and even threw up on him! It was hysterical....sorry lance!!:)

Below are some pictures from our oh-so-fun weekend!!:

tripp with uncle lance and aunt michelle

hanging out with the guys

i love swimming!

tripp and daddy

everyone lounging in the pool

carl and lance relaxing

playing with yaya!

Happy birthday Aunt Rat!

looking around at benihana's

tripp and daddy watching tv
We have discovered that tripp loves to watch tv! He especially loves to watch handy manny on the disney channel. Whenever the music plays he starts to kick his legs and's so precious! I have of course dvr'ed many handy manny episodes for our little peanut to enjoy! The picture above is from last night. Carl and tripp were both focusing really hard on the tv! We were even trying to play with tripp and he would look around us to see the tv!! Just like daddy!!
Tripp turns 3 months on friday, so I will of course be updating the blog with all the new stats and fun facts on this little guy! Carl will be out of town this weekend for lance's bachelor party so tripp and I will be bunking with yaya! Should be a fun weekend but we will miss daddy!!
Thanks for checking in and I will update again soon!! Have a blessed week!!
Traci & Tripp

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  1. Such a fantastic pic of Carl and Tripp - Carl is even close to smiling! Looks like he really did enjoy the pool! Happy belated Birthday, Rat!


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