Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Tripp Ryder

Tripp is officially two weeks old! I can't believe it has already been two weeks. Things are getting much easier and I'm getting used to only sleeping in increments of 2-3 hours. Tripp is just so precious and as you can tell I keep my camera handy at all times! Poor tripp is being bombarded by his paparazzi mama!

We have been to the doctor for our 2 week check-up and newborn screening and everything is looking good! We did discover that tripp is quite a hairy little guy! So cute! Tripp is eating very well and sometimes I feel like that is all I do...nurse him and change his diaper then repeat! But I enjoy every minute of it.

We have had lots of visitors over the past two weeks. Tripp has gotten a chance to see his cousins blake and jake several times and cousin kate as well. Blake and jake are so excited to have tripp around. Jake who is 1 is really fascinated with him and laughs hysterically every time tripp moves. Jessica, peggy, joshua and baby judd even came to visit this week. Judd is two weeks older than tripp and has gotten so big! He is precious! Those are just a few of the visitors we have had, not to mention the "regulars".

Carl and I are enjoying our time with tripp. Tripp loves it when his daddy gets home and holds him. He just loves to look up at and listen to his daddy. Tripp also loves to fold his little legs up like a frog! I call him my little froggie! Tripp loves to listen to his "soothe n glow seahorse"...this is a lifesaver! It calms him down and even helps to put him to sleep sometimes. Tripp is doing better sleeping although at his bedtime feeding he usually is wide awake afterward and refuses to go to sleep. This of course is the time that we are most exhausted! But he is gettting better!

Well just wanted to post some pics and update a little on our baby boy. It's now time to feed...again! Hope everyone is having a great week and has an awesome weekend!

Enjoy the pictures!!

With Chief and blake and jake

our little angel

"totally handsome"

My first walk outside

My first aggie cap...thanks YA!
Traci & Tripp

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  1. Great pics paparazzi mama! He sure has Carl's expressions, and yes, he is pretty!!! We can call him that for a while anyway - then he'll have to be handsome! Love, Gram


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It's a yes!
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