Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 9 and Thanksgiving in August

Today we had " Thanksgiving in August". Baby Schindewolf really wanted some thanksgiving foods so my mom made us a mini-thanksgiving day feast! It was great and Baby S really enjoyed it. Now we can't wait til' the "real" thanksgiving! It was nice getting together with the family and do what we do! YaYa is spoiling her new grandbaby already!! Thanks mom!
Well we are approaching our 9th week and baby schindewolf has graduated from embryo to fetus status! Here's a little summary of what baby schindewolf is up to this week:

Your baby is now about three-quarters of an inch long. As the embryo enters its fiftieth day of existence, it becomes known as a fetus. A membrane lid covers your baby's eyes. Your baby's muscles are beginning to develop, and she can make tiny movements. Your child's limbs are growing, but her arms and hands are forming more quickly than her legs and feet. The hands are actually still known as "hand paddles" and look just like they sound. Ridges have formed on the paddles, which will soon become well-defined fingers. Your baby is developing little dimples where her knees and ankles will go, and her elbows are becoming visible. This week is when sex characteristics begin to assert themselves, and ovaries or testes will soon appear (though an ultrasound won't be able to detect specific sex organs for another two months or so). Your baby's brain waves can now be detected.
That's about all that's going on with us now. I have been feeling sick daily but hoping it will start to ease up soon. I have also been having some intense cravings!! But all in all things are well and we thank God daily for each other, our family, and our little miracle on the way. We are truly blessed. Hope everyone has a happy monday!! We will update soon!!
love, traci, carl & baby S

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  1. congrats on the new member of your family!! How exciting! :)


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It's a yes!
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