Saturday, November 30, 2013


We had a wonderful thanksgiving week. We are blessed enough to have 3 thanksgivings!! Last weekend we celebrated schindewolf style over at coach's house. On Thanksgiving day we all went over to my mom's for a delicious feast among family and friends. And on Friday we went over to my dad's for another delicious feast!! We are so very blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people:) Thanksgiving week also means black Friday week! My sister and I headed out for our annual shopping trip and got some great finds!! It is a tradition we have and we have so much fun every year!! So now I can say I am officially done Christmas shopping:) I have also mailed out my Christmas cards and have had the house decorated since last week;) We decided since Thanksgiving was so late this year that we would decorate a little early so that the boys could enjoy the tree lights a little longer:) We are in full out Christmas mode:) Today we spent most of the day out on Schindewolf lane helping with decorations. Tripp and Tuck had a blast with daddy, coach and aunt Janelle. Can't wait until it is all finished and on (next weekend:)), make sure to stop by! Ok enough babbling, here are some pictures.
 somebody was not happy about taking pictures;)
 chief and his boys
 especially thankful for this healthy little boy:)
 all pooped out!


 attempt at a group shot (our "Griswold" shirts are a new family tradition)
 some of the ladies at mom's:)
 turkey frying at mom's...guys were not cooperative for a pic!
 very thankful for this precious boy too!!

 biggest cousin and littlest cousin:)
and oh SO very thankful for this wonderful man<3 p="">
Hope everyone had a very blessed thanksgiving!! We are so very thankful for so many things, but especially our precious boys, our wonderful family and friends, health and each other!! Thanks for stopping by, will update again soon:)
Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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