Sunday, November 3, 2013

A spooky fun week

What a week we had last week. It was a busy one but a good one. For one, we went to Tucker's last occupational therapy appointment. He is doing so well that we get to stop that therapy and physical therapy as well! We were sad to say goodbye to some wonderful people who have helped us so much, but we are excited to be moving on!! We also celebrated Halloween and had lots of fun doing "spooky" things all week;) here are a few pictures:)

Our precious football players:)

Ready for candy:) waiting for daddy to get home!

Trick or treating at aunt carrie and uncle jimmie's house

Trick or treating at coach's house

Tripp with his loot;)

We love our aunt rat!

Pooped out from trick or treating at yaya's

Gotta have a pumpkin pizza:)

Nutter butter ghost cookies I make every year:)

Aunt rat came over for pizza and a movie:)

We also had Tucker's iron infusion on Friday. We had a rough time this time. We arrived for our appt with the doctor at 8, then had the special team come and put his IV in. It was extremely painful for him and he was exhausted afterwards. After that we were moved to a private room this time and proceeded to wait there for several hours until the iron was ready. At that time the nurse came in and when she tried to flush his IV, she found it was infiltrated. So she took it out immediately and we had to wait another hour until the special team could come put another IV in. They got it in and got the iron started. However, where they put it in his arm, every time he bent his arm to drink his milk or whatever, the line would kink and the alarm on the machine would go off and would have to be restarted. So I basically had to sit with him and try and keep his arm straight for 4 hours! Luckily he fell asleep for a little while, which helped. It was a long day to say the least. We didn't leave until almost 6pm. Carl and my mom switched off at the hospital with me and aunt janelle and coach took care of Tripp. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful supportive family! Couldn't do all of this without them:) the best news we got out of this was that the hematologist doesn't seem to think tuck will need another infusion for 6 months. Praise God! We are hoping that 6 months turns to never again:) we shall see. I will do another update on tucker in the next couple of days with some other new info we have received recently. Please continue to pray for our boy!
Thanks to all!!

On our way, had to stop at Starbucks for a Caramel brûlée latte!!

Poor guy!

Yaya trying to keep him distracted:)

Hope all have a great week!!

Love and blessings,

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