Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Festivities

What a fun weekend we had! Carl had to work on Saturday morning, then came home and helped to finish up the decorations on schindewolf lane! The lights were turned on Saturday night for the season! We are so blessed to live here all the time, but especially at Christmas time!! We can walk down the winter wonderland anytime;) After Carl finished we all got ready and went to have some Mexican food and drive around looking at lights:) The boys loved it!! It was such a special night. We of course ended the night on the lane and got to visit with Janelle and uncle jimmie and aunt carrie who were also outside:) Sunday morning I spent making home made Christmas cookies using an old schindewolf recipe! Later, tripp was in his very first Christmas program at his church school. He had been singing his song and practicing for weeks! When he got up on stage, he kind of froze and just looked dazed at all the people in the audience! It was hilarious. He didn't even sing a word! Coach, Aunt Janelle, Uncle Jimmie, Aunt Carrie, Yaya and nana all came to watch him make his debut! Thanks to all for coming!! We are truly blessed:) Sunday evening we continued our tradition. We had carl's brother, wife ,their girls, coach and aunt janelle over for dinner and cookie decorating. Afterwards we all headed out to the lane to look at lights. It was a fun night and a super fun holiday weekend!! Here are some pictures:)

Hope all had a great weekend!! Will update again soon. We have several specialist appointments in the next couple of weeks for tucker, I will update as I Get new info! Thanks for stopping by:)

Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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