Friday, October 25, 2013

Houston, We have a walker!

We have had a pretty BIG week! Things have been going really well with tucker. We still don't have all the answers, but he is improving every day and we know God is working on him:) He hasn't had to use his feeding tube in over a month and has been eating really well and gaining weight! So today, I packed up the feeding pump and such and am getting ready to send it back! It felt so good to do it. I remember coming home from the hospital back in march, having to learn to use it, and having to hook my baby up to it every night. I can remember feeling such a feeling of dread and fear and thinking of the day we would get to send it back. Well that day has come! We are going to leave his button in his belly for now. We still use it to give him all his meds, which is super helpful, and the doctors don't want to remove it until we have some more answers, just in case. We are hopeful we will never have to see that machine again:) As if this day couldn't get any better, our big boy decided it was time to start walking!!! He has been walking with his walker and taking steps for months now, but is so cautious and nervous that he just wouldn't let go. Carl and I kept thinking if he would just let go he could do it! Yesterday our physical therapist was here and watched him. She took the walker away and barely held on to his shirt, so he felt someone was "helping" him, and he was off and walking everywhere! It was pretty funny! So we haven't had the walker out and have been encouraging him to walk around. He did pretty good today, but tonight he really took off! We actually went out to dinner then stopped at kohls to get a few things. Tucker insisted on getting down and off he went! Carl and I were thrilled!! He and tripp just ran around the aisles. I didn't even care, I was just so happy!! It has been a long time coming, poor guy has been through so much and has come a long way! We are truly blessed!!

We also went to the zoo today! It was the boy's first time and it was "boo at the zoo". Our wonderfully awesome coach came along with us too! Thank God he did!! He was super helpful and the boys love their coach! We really wish carl could have come, but since he has to take off next week for tucker's iron infusion he couldn't take off today:( Anyways, it was so much fun! Tucker was quite the pill in the beginning but got better as the day went on. They enjoyed seeing all the animals, riding the carousel, participating in the Halloween activities and most of all taking a ride on the train through Hermann park. It was a great day!!

Here are some pictures:)

like father, like son

we had lunch with nana:)

don't know why this picture is upside down, but here we are today on our train ride:)

so happy to see this machine go!

sweet brothers having fun at kohls:)

and he's off!!

our big boy!
Here are some pictures from our zoo trip:


I've said it once and I'll say it a million more times, we are blessed beyond belief! We have been through some pretty yucky stuff (to put it mildly) but God always provides and is consistently loving and faithful. We still have quite a road ahead of us, but we are hopeful! Please continue to pray for tucker, please pray we will get some answers soon! Tucker will have another iron infusion done next week. Hopefully we will be able to wait a couple more months before the next one. Thank you all for your love and support! Hope all have a wonderful weekend!! What a wonderful day!!
Love and Blessings,

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It's a yes!
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