Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tripp: 18 months

Today my little baby is 18 months old! Time flies! In fact, I was pulling out tripp's old baby clothes today to get ready for tucker, and it really seems like just yesterday he was wearing them! It sure brought some tears to my eyes. As Im sure you have all read, tripp has become quite the active little handful in his 18 months:) Coach and Grammy have even nicknamed him "hurricane tripp". hehe. So here are some of the things our hurricance has been up to:

  • loves watching toy story and cars...calls both "caas" (cars)

  • loves him some chick-fil-a...when can't get him to eat much else, this usually works

  • still loves outside so really looking forward to fall weather so we can go out!

  • babbles a lot but only a few words..."dada" "caas" "jay (for jake)", "buh (bird)"

  • can point oout most things you ask just not interested in saying the words

  • loves to dance (must get that from daddy;))

  • been in toddler bed for a month now and doing great!

  • sleeps from about 8pm-7am

  • naps once a day

  • loves playing with cars and trucks

  • likes to shove food and drinks in our mouths

  • likes to give slobbery kisses...especially to daddy

  • knows how to open doors and cabinets

  • climbs ALL the time on EVERYTHING

  • wearing 2 and 3T

  • wears his camo crocs everywhere!

  • knows where his baby brother is (my belly)

  • likes to cuddle when watching one of his movies

  • cannot take him to grocery store anymore...will climb out of cart and have meltdowns, but will run if I let him down

  • really enjoys gymboree...especially climbing and running

  • loves playdates and hanging with other kids

That's just a little bit of what tripp has been up to. As active as is his he is still precious as ever and is a very sweet boy! We just love him to pieces! He especially loves his daddy and loves to mimic everything he does. It's so sweet. And at night sometimes Carl puts him down and it just melts my heart to see that precious boy sleeping soundly in his daddy's arms. I love my life and am looking forward to having another precious boy bless it! I will end this post with pictures of my 18 month old man:) Hope all have a great week! I know I will...not only my birthday week, but Carl is off tomorrow, free chick-fil-a breakfast, the return of the pumpkin spice latte and the highs will be in the 90's! Can't wait:) Love and blessings, Traci

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