Sunday, September 18, 2011

29 1/2 weeks

tucker at 29 1/2 weeks

Here we are almost at week 30! only 8 weeks to go before baby tucker arrives! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. It has been a bit different from tripp's in that I have had a lot more pain and had a harder time getting around. I know it probably has something to do with the fact that I have a very active 18 month old that I'm chasing around:) Other than a few ailments, I have been feeling great! Tucker's room is almost ready and tripp loves to go into his room and play with all his old baby toys. My appetite has been very good...and I have been eating very good:) In fact, today carl and tripp took me to mcalister's because I have been craving a grilled chicken club and broccoli cheddar soup! It was delicious and a nice little lunch with my 2 boys. I can't believe in a few short months it will be "my 3 boys!"

Tucker has been extremely active these days. He moves non-stop! I guess I better prepare myself for another active little boy! I love feeling and watching him move around my belly. Tripp likes to lift up my shirt and pat my belly and tucker will usually respond with a nice karate chop:) Lately it feels as if tucker is river dancing on my bladder! So needless to say sleeping is becoming more of a challenge. All in all things are great. We go for our last ultrasound on the 29th of september and we can't wait to see our little man. Time has flown by and we will be a family of 4 before we know it.

This past weekend was a fun one. We got a lot of stuff done around the house and on saturday we went to a couples shower for my best friend traci and her fiance matt. It was so nice seeing her and her family and of course munching down on some great food and rj goodies cake:) Can't wait to be a part of her special day in January. Love you trace!!

Not much to report on our little tornado, except he has been trying to talk a lot more lately. He speaks a lot of "jiberish" but he knows what he's saying;) He loves to cuddle with us and I love it! I soak up every minute because I know soon he will not want anything to do with me! He also is very observant and will take time to figure things out. For example, I bought one of those snack trap cups to put his snacks in, so he can carry it around and I don't have to worry about him dumping things out. Well I was wrong. When I gave it to him I noticed he sat down and studied it for a long time. Next thing I know, he had figured out how to hold open the flaps and dump out all his snack! So needless to say we had a trail of goldfish all around the house! Too smart for his own good!!

Below is a picture of the happy couple and one of our little smarty trying to trim his own toenails!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope all have a great week!

Love and Blessings,


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It's a yes!
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