Monday, September 12, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

So I decided to start this post with a long overdue picture of me and mr. tucker. Above, I am 28 weeks. I am feeling ok pregnancy wise, but unfortunately tripp and I both have a yucky cold/allergies! We are hoping to kick it soon! Tripp got a prescription from the doctor this morning and I go to my check up tomorrow. Hopefully we feel better soon.

I had a great birthday week/weekend this past week. I turned 28 on friday! Can't believe how old we're getting;) Last week was great! The week started with carl being off on monday and tuesday I got a free chick-fil-a breakfast AND the pumpkin spice latte returned!! I know I have been talking about this latte ALOT, but it is delicious and seasonal so I look forward to it every year. If you havent tried should! On Wednesday Tripp and I had our usual playdate with the girls and their boys and they celebrated my birthday. They were so sweet! I am so blessed to have such great girlfriends in my life....and as a bonus we all have little boys the same age! Thanks again Jessica, Brenden and Nina! Wednesday night Carl took me out for my birthday while tripp stayed home with yaya. It was so nice to get out and Carl took me to pappadeaux where I proceeded to stuff my preggo face with delicious food!! It was a great night!

On Friday, the day started with a visit from kristen, kate and grammy then my sweet grandmother took me out for a delicious birthday lunch! I was planning on taking my crazy little boy with us, but my awesome in-laws volunteered to watch tripp while I went. It was so nice and relaxing and of course yummy too!! Friday night when carl got home, tripp and I weren't feeling very good so we decided on take-out and a red box movie! It was a great end to a great day! Saturday afternoon we went over to my dad's house where they made us a yummy steak dinner and topped it off with cake and ice cream! On sunday, my mom and sisters took me out for a fun and relaxing day! We started off with pedicures followed by lunch, shopping and ended with some great dessert and coffee at hubbell and hudson! It was a fabulous weekend! I am so blessed by so many wonderful family and friends! Thanks to all for all the sweet emails, phone calls, facebook posts, texts, gifts and cards! Love you all!

There was also another surprise birthday that popped up this weekend...Little abbey lynn schindewolf was born on saturday! So I had a great weekend and got a new niece too! Unfortunatley, since we have been sick tripp and I haven't been able to meet her yet! We can't wait:)

Below are a few pictures from the weekend.

carl, tucker and I before our dinner

pedicures with my sisters! thanks mom!

mom and me at lunch

Thanks for stopping by...hope all have a fabulous week!

Love and Blessings,


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