Friday, September 23, 2011

Playdates and the joys of boys!

Lately tripp and I have been occupying our time with some fun playdates. We went over to brenden and graham's house on Wednesday for lunch and some fun. Tripp loves playing with his buddy graham and especially loves teaching him his crazy ways....sorry bren! And us preggo mommys really enjoy our munching and gossip time;)

Yesterday tripp, Grammy and I traveled over to visit kristen, Kate and new baby abbey. Tripp had a blast playing with cousin Kate and eating his favorite Chickfila. Us ladies had a great time catching up and of course holding sweet abbey!

Tripp and I have also been spending more time outside lately. In fact the other day I took him out for a nice morning walk. He was doing great running up and down Schindewolf lane with rocky, until he saw a nice big puddle at the end of uncle jimmie's driveway! Next thing I know he's running through it, so I think ok he can get his feet and legs wet and muddy. But oh no, that wasn't thing I know my little boy is sitting in and swimming in the muddy puddle! It was crazy and of course he didn't want to leave so I had to carry him, football hold style, kicking and screaming all the way home! So needless to say by the time we got home we were both wet, muddy and tired! After a good bubble bath we both took a long nap:) oh the joys of boys!

We are also so blessed to live so close to family. Every evening tripp and I go out for a walk and usually end up hanging out at coach and Grammy's which tripp loves! He loves to run around with rocky. Coach even let's him hold his leash. Below you will see some pictures along with some of tripp in his muddy water and some from our playdate. I am blogging from my phone so I apologize for the disorganization of the pictures!

We just came back in from outside, it is beautiful and nice and cool! Tripp even got to ride with coach on his john deere! Grammy got some good pictures so I will post some soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and blessings,

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It's a yes!
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