Thursday, July 21, 2011


tucker giving a fist pump;)

I went to the doctor on wednesday to check up on our little baby tucker. I unexpectedly had an ultrasound...which was a nice surprise! This little boy was moving all around and like his big brother was more than happy to show us his "man parts" several times;) All in all he looks very healthy and is on track to be a big baby. He is already measuring 2 weeks ahead. I am 21 weeks along and cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. Not to mention how big my belly is getting! Wow, I look like I have a very large pointy basketball under my shirt! I will post some more preggo pics of me soon!

As for our little monster, otherwise known as tripp....he is doing really well! He is still extremely active and keeps me very busy but is so much fun to be with. I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my little man. He hasn't been feeling very good lately and has had a bad case of diaper rash but remains highly energetic despite it all! Today is the first day he seems to be getting completely back to normal. And luckily, it was his gymboree class day! He had a blast as usual and zonked out as soon as we got in the car! He is really into the movie cars and loves to say "cars"! He will point at his tv and say "cars!" until I put it on for him. He will then sit and watch for a few minutes at a time and point at the screen and say "cars!". It's really cute. He also loves to play with cars and can point out cars everywhere! He can also show you where his nose, mouth and belly/belly button are. My favorite is that he knows where his baby brother is. He will lift up my shirt and pat my belly. sometimes he will even kiss it or run his cars over it. It's so sweet! He is growing up so fast! I just love my little boy and can't wait to have 2 little boys to love:)

Enough rambling, just wanted to give a little update. Hope all are having a great week!

Love and blessings,

Traci, tripp and baby tucker:)

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It's a yes!
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