Saturday, July 9, 2011


We have been keeping busy this past week! And my little monster has been getting into plenty of mischief! He keeps me busy everyday!! We have been filling our days with lots of gymboree class and playtime, the children's museum (which tripp loved!), bible study/playdates, and lunch dates with my dad. We went to the children's museum with my friend brenden and her precious boy graham. Unfortunately, we didn't get much time to chat because both of our boys were off in different directions but we had a great time! Gymboree has been a life saver! It's a great place for tripp to safely climb and run and it's in the A/C...bonus! No matter how many activities we partake in my little boy never seems to be lacking in energy! I call him my little energizer bunny!!

Tripp seems to know exactly what he's not supposed to do and will usually wait until we are watching then do it! He also likes to put things in his mouth, come over and show us, then take off running! He loves to be chased!! He loves going over the coach and grammy's house and everytime we are playing outside he usually takes off through the pasture over to their house. The other day he even went all the way to the front door, started banging on the door and yelling "CO" ! (which is short for coach) It was really funny! He does keep me laughing, that's for sure! In fact this morning we took a trip to HEB. Well Tripp now rides in the big part of the basket during grocery trips because he likes to try to climb out and he cant quite climb out of there yet. Anywho, he was sitting in the cart facing out and being very quiet, which for this boy is usually not a good sign! I looked around to see what he was doing and he when he looked up I noticed he had opened my cherry tomatoes and was sitting there popping tomatoes in his mouth like grapes! He had it all over his face and clothes but was happy as a clam! It was hysterical! Oh this boy! And to think I have another one on the way! My life will never be dull, that's for sure!!

I think I have rambled enough about my monkey! Our other little monkey is doing well. I am about 20 weeks along and this little boy is moving all the time!! I don't know how I will handle another active little monkey:) Below are some recent pictures from the week, enjoy!

daddy put girly glasses on me!

hanging in the hammock with grammy!

me and precious baby amelia

tripp playing with baby max

bubble boy......

bubble boy daddy too!!

more bubbles with daddy!

reading with daddy

loves this position these days

so daddy decided to show me how to do head stands...

so guess what tripp tries to do all the time now!

aunt mo bought tripp a new book!

Below are some pictures from our trip to the children's museum....

eating lunch with chief

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great weekend:) Will update again soon.

Love and Blessings,

Traci, tripp and baby tucker:)

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It's a yes!
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