Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Little Man

wearing daddy's boots

We had another fun and relaxing weekend! We had lots of fun and lots of family time not to mention lots of rest:) On Saturday we went and watched my nephew blake's last baseball game of the season. It was a close game but they won! It was an 8 am game so we were up super early! I told Carl that we had better get used to it...that is what we have to look forward to:) I can't wait until tripp starts little times ahead!! After the game my wonderful mom treated us all to a delicious lunch at monument inn! It was super yummy!! Today was a nice lazy sunday. We rested, ran errands and spent the day together. We even all took a nap...even carl! For dinner we went and had some yummy bar-b-que with mom and keith. Thanks again mom!

Our little munchkin is changing so much everyday. He is officially off the bottle for a whole week now and has done so well! He has started saying "ba" for ball and will point right to it. He also will stomp his feet when we say "stomp". The other day I was giving him apple jacks when he stopped and placed one on the floor. A second later he stomped his foot down on it and then smooshed it into the ground. It was hilarious and I have no idea where he learned that! One thing I absolutely love these days is when he comes over to me and turns his back to me meaning he wants to sit in my lap! When i'm sitting on the floor he will come and sit right down in my lap. I love it!!

Our other peanut is doing well. I am now 12 weeks along and doing great! My belly is poking out a lot faster than it did with tripp! pictures to come;)

Well enjoy the pictures of our little man:)

cutie pie

happy boy

love my new hat and look just like daddy!

caught red handed!

i like to throw fits!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all have a great week.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. He's cute even when he's throwing a fit - love that little man!


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It's a yes!
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