Monday, January 31, 2011

Yucky Weekend

This is probably the only time I would say...I'm so glad the weekend is over! It started out great. Carl got home early on friday and we spent the day outside enjoying the nice weather and running a few errands. But by friday night, our little munchkin got sick. He was throwing up and not sleeping well. It was a really rough night but by mid-day saturday he was doing fine. We thought whew! we're out of the woods! But little did we know! Sunday morning I woke up not feeling well and before you knew it...I was sick too! Luckily tripp was feeling much better and carl was fine so while I spent the morning in the bathroom and in bed they were doing fine. However, a few hours later, Carl started feeling sick too! Before you knew it we were both sick and miserable! By the afternoon we were both running fever and feeling awful. We had a hard time even keeping water down! Carl's parents came to the rescue and took tripp for the night. Good thing, because we had an awful night!

Well after a night of awfulness and a few long naps today, I'm happy to report we are all feeling much better! Needless to say, I spent the better part of today cleaning, washing and disinfecting everything in our house! so here's to a healthy week!

On a lighter note, I received tripp's birthday invitations in the mail today! So excited to get them ready and sent out in a couple weeks! Can't believe he's almost one!

Below are some fun pictures pre-sickness:) enjoy!

LOVES riding on the 4-wheeler with daddy!

so precious!

mommy's boys:)

tripp and judd

daddy made me look like count dracula:)
Thanks for stopping by! We hope you all had a better weekend than we did:)
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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It's a yes!
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