Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Months Old

Tripp Ryder: 10 Months
I'm going to start this 10 month blog post with lots of pictures of our busy 10 month old! The monthly picture with his babseball is becoming more challenging these days! As you will see the above picture is about the best one I could get! Someone is just a little too active these days to sit and pose for a picture!

there's tripp being the teacher's pet at library time;)

daddy put me in a cart!

love to eat daddy's gogurt!

crawling through cousin kate's tunnel!


what tripp likes to do after bath...streak! lol

likes to eat without a shirt (tries to take it off if has one on)

caught red handed in mommy's cabinet!

likes to put things in his mouth and then move around....like a little puppy!

Our little munchkin is now 10 months old! He is getting so big and changing so much. Here are some of the things this busy little boy is up to!

  • has become quite the daddy's boy
  • loves to grab on to and hang on cabinet doors and tables
  • walks all around pushing his walker
  • has become quite the speedy little crawler
  • is starting to learn what "NO" means....will pause but still do naughty things anyways;)
  • still has one single little tooth, but is teething and having trouble sleeping:(
  • eats table food and prefers it over baby food
  • loves to feed himself
  • wants to eat whatever mommy and daddy are eating...will come over to us and open his mouth...reminds us of a little baby bird:)
  • does not like having his diaper changed ( i have learned to change it while he's standing up/crawling)
  • is VERY active
  • loves to get into cabinets
  • is super close to walking...any day now!
  • loves his ball pit and takes head dives into it!
  • takes 2 naps a day
  • has started trying to take clothes off, especially while eating (this little boy likes to be in just his diaper)
  • is wearing 18-24 months
  • size 4 diapers
  • loves yogurt
  • loves to watch tv
  • likes when daddy plays rough with him, thinks its hilarious!
  • likes to read books
  • talks alot...says "bababa" and "mamama"

As you can tell we have been very busy at our house with this active little boy! He is even starting to to try to climb on top of his toys to get to other things....makes this mommy very nervous! Boy am I in for a treat with a little boy! Tripp loves his daddy! He has become such a daddy's boy and wants to be with him all the time! As soon as carl walks in the door from work tripp practically jumps out of my arms to get to his daddy. It's so precious, but i'm not ready for my little boy to want his daddy more;) Tripp and I are so blessed to have carl...he's a wonderful hubby and daddy! Tripp is also very close to walking. He can stand on his own for a few seconds and walks all around while puching his walker and holding on to a couch or ottoman. His favorite is when mommy and daddy hold his hands and can get going! He definitely likes to move fast! Tripp also loves to read books. He will even pull them off the shelf himself and sit quietly while flipping through the pages. He especially loves his animal books.

tripp still loves to be outside and sometimes when he is fussy but can't fall asleep I will take him outside, bundle him in a blanket and swing with him on our porch swing. I probably enjoy it more than he does;) but it almost always puts him right to sleep! It's such a precious moment with my little boy! He is growing up so fast and already wanting to be with his daddy all the time so I am going to cherish those moments!! :)

well, thanks for stopping by! we hope all have a wonderful week!! We wish many blessings to all. We will update again real soon:)

love and blessings,

traci and tripp


  1. Kate had so much fun on New Year's Eve. She loved playing with her cousin. We've got to get them together more often. All of the pics are adorable. Love the tunnel ones, and we love our little nephew.

  2. That is so sweet, y'all rocking on the porch swing. Good memories! Go Tripp, almost walking at 10 months! Woo!


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It's a yes!
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