Friday, February 4, 2011

11 Months Old

Tripp Ryder: 11 Months old
Our big boy is now 11 months old! we can hardly believe how fast time flies. This little boy has been such a joy in our lives and it's crazy to think that one month from today we will be celebrating one whole year of our little tripper! Here are some things this little booger is up to these days:
  • loves to play with balls
  • sooooo close to walking...walks everywhere with one hand guiding him along the wall
  • gets into EVERYTHING!
  • has become really clingy to his mama...unless daddy is around
  • likes when we throw a cloth/blanket over his head and then crawls around laughing and running into things;)
  • is a really good eater and eats mostly table food now
  • starting to drink milk...we're trying to ween him off the bottle!
  • size 4/5 diapers
  • wears 18-24 months
  • has recently started liking to chew on his toes
  • still only two bottom teeth
  • had his first stomach virus
  • likes to dance by moving his arms up and down
  • gets his finger caught in something and doesn't cry, but grunts really loud!
  • loves playing outside and riding the 4-wheeler with daddy in the pasture
  • can climb/dive into the bathtub
  • likes to bang on the toilet
  • is super curious and examines everything...esp his food!
  • smiles and talks alot!
  • can give "5"!

Those are some of the things our boy is up to these days. He is very mischievous and like i said is into everything! I cannot take my eyes off of him. He fills our home with so much love and laughter! Sometimes carl and I wonder what we did before we had him! We love him so much!! Below are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. As you can see the monthly baseball picture continues to be a challenge! Somebody is just a little too busy to sit and pose for a picture. Well enjoy the pictures!

loves to play with daddy and mommy's pink exercise ball!

what a hard life;)

1 attempt for the "baseball picture"

another attempt

bath time!

mommy's dumpling:)

so sweet...NOT this was right before he yanked on the mini-blinds!

using mickey as a step-stool

climbing into the tub!
Well we hope all are staying warm and enjoying the "snow day"! We definitely are! I'm looking forward to a day with my 2 favorite guys:) Tonight Carl and I are going to see randy rogers with some good friends, we are super to come;) Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day off...if you are lucky enough to have one:) Will update again soon!
Love and Blessings,
Traci & Tripp

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