Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a week

Our handsome man
(thanks for the pic kristen!)

Our little handome man is now 14 weeks old. He continues to amaze us everyday. We love him more than words can express. He is just such an amazing blessing in our lives.

Last weekend Carl was away from us for the first time! We missed him very much but we had a fun weekend with my mom, tripp's yaya. Carl had a fun weekend with the guys celebrating lance's bachelor party in austin, but he missed us too! He even came back early sunday morning and surprised us at yaya's house! Mom and I took tripp shopping with us on saturday. He was a little angel especially since we were outside most of the time at the outlets in cypress. We enjoyed spending time with my mom and my little sister. YaYa enjoyed watching tripp splash in his bath and also enjoyed helping out with all the feedings. She was even sweet enough to get up with him in the early morning and do his feeding so I could rest. My mom is the best and tripp loves his yaya!! My mom spoiled us so much, we love going to yaya's!! Thanks mom! Below are a few pictures from the weekend....enjoy!

mama and yaya wore me out!

playing football with daddy before he left

such a happy guy!

having coffee with daddy before his trip to austin

Carl and I have been looking at pictures of ourselves and trying to determine who tripp looks like. We think he might look like his mama at this point (yay!!;))

carl and cute!



Today we went over to jessica's to hang out and get started on a bible study for us mommys! We had a fun time getting together like we always do and tripp enjoyed seeing his buddies. Here are a few pictures from today.

tripp and sweet cousin kate

"buddies"... judd, evan and tripp

judd and tripp

Tripp has been doing so good lately. He sleeps so good in his crib which is great for mommy! He also loves to watch tv and play under his activity mat. He has started grabbing his toys and hitting at the toys hanging down from his activity center. He will go anywhere with me as long as I strap him on and he can look around. He however does not like riding in the car! I just love this little boy and he is growing up so fast!!

We just wanted to post a little update. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!


Traci & Tripp

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  1. Soooo cute - all of them. Don and I especially liked the cute pictures together...Coach is so proud of his babies! He actually left a game on TV to come back and see pics of them!!!


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It's a yes!
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