Thursday, January 21, 2010

hiccup, hiccups and more hiccups!

So lately little tripp has had some major cases of the hiccups! He has them at least 2-3 times daily and usually has a good long lasting case about 2am. He has also been REALLY active! I can tell he is getting very big because I can feel his body moving around. I love to feel him moving around in there, it really never gets old!

I have still been counseling a few nights a week working on transitioning my clients hopefully within the next 2 weeks. It is during my sessions that Tripp decides to have a dance party in the womb! My tummy looks like it is convulsing! I usually have to put a pillow on my lap so little tripp does not become a distraction;) I guess he is going to be the life of the party, just like his dad....haha!

Tripp and I just got back from the gym, it is our favorite time of the day! We get lots of much needed energy. We also like to jam out to some of mommy's fave tunes! We are getting ready for a very excited weekend full of baby showers! Saturday my mom, sister and grandma are throwing a shower for baby tripp followed by Carl's family on sunday. We can't wait to get together with family and friends...and also secretly can't wait to have some rj goodies cake on saturday...yaya knows what we like;)

I just wanted to give a little update on our little all-star in there! We are off to run some errands while we are still on our energy high;) Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Traci & Tripp

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It's a yes!
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