Sunday, December 13, 2009

27 weeks!

I can't believe we have reached week 27 already. It really seems like just yesterday we found out this twosome was going to become a threesome! Here is a little info on what the trippster is up to this week in his development:

Your baby will soon weigh 3-5 pounds, looking more like a baby as this extra weight plumps him up. He’ll make purposeful movements to get comfortable and his lungs - among the last organs to develop fully - continue maturing now. Your baby's lungs and brain are beginning to mature. Although he'd have a good chance of survival if he were born now, he could use a few more weeks of growing. Added layers of fat are continuing to form. These layers will help your baby regulate his temperature once outside the womb and help keep him warm.

Tripp has definitely been growing as evident by the size of my belly! These past few days my tummy has just sprouted! Carl even looked at my belly tonight and said "it gets bigger than that? how?" it was pretty funny! Tripp has also been extremely active! His favorite time to practice his kicking is around 3 am every night. Needless to say my body is getting used to waking up at this time. I love to feel him move around. It is such a blessing.

Well we all had a great weekend! On Friday night Carl and I finished up our Christmas shopping and had a nice night in. Saturday was an early morning in which we headed out to Baytown to watch our nephew blake play in his very first basketball game. It was hilarious watching 5 year olds play. We had such a great time! Afterwards we all had lunch together and mom, kelly, the boys and I all went and did a little shopping. Mom even bought me a nice jacket that fits over my belly! Thanks Mom, you're the best! My nephew Blake came home with us and mom and I took him to pick out a birthday present. It was nice getting to spend some time with my grown-up little boy:) I cant believe he is going to be 6 already! Today was a lazy sunday. But I did manage to do some christmas baking while Carl worked hard on Tripp's dresser. He is doing such an amazing job! My hubby is so talented on top of being such a wonderful husband. I am truly blessed! I have posted some pics from the weekend and of the dresser/changing table at this point.

As you can see the dressing/changing table is looking great and is almost done! Carl has done such a great job. I even snuck in a shot of him in action;) The rest of the pics are from Blake's basketball game.

Well thanks for reading this week. We hope everyone has a blessed week and we will update again soon!


Traci & Tripp

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  1. Dang Carl! That's awesome! Baby Tripp is going to have an awesome room and furniture :)


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It's a yes!
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