Monday, July 15, 2013

Carl and tucker

This past weekend we had a fun weekend celebrating Carl's upcoming 30th birthday!! We had originally planned to have a get together with family and friends on Saturday. I had reserved a big waterslide and everything! After our appointment with the immunologist last week, we knew we needed to cancel it. Until we have a few more blood test results we cannot have tucker around a bunch of kiddos right now:( so we cancelled. I felt bad, but luckily a couple of our great friends, lance and Michelle, had dinner with us on Saturday night. My mom and Keith came over and watched the boys while Carl and I had a fun date night at pappasitos with great friends:)
Perhaps the best part was when the waitstaff snuck up on Carl, put the sombrero on his head and started singing to him! Carl was loving it;) haha. Sunday evening we had a "block party" (Schindewolf family;)) over for dinner to celebrate Carl. We grilled burgers, picked up a cookie cake, Carl's fave, and had a great time hanging out! Thanks again to aunt janelle, coach, uncle Jimmie, aunt carrie and cousin shayna for celebrating with us! Our weekend didn't turn out exactly as we had planned but it was great nonetheless and we got to celebrate a wonderful man who deserves nothing less! We plan to have dinner with the family on Wednesday, which is Carl's actual birthday!

And now an update on tucker: tomorrow we head back to the medical center to meet with the special team to have Tucker's blood drawn. Please say a prayer for our little man. Pray they are able to be quick with minimal pain and get all the labs that are needed now. Thank you all very much! I will update with any new information as I get it:) for now a few pictures:) I took some with my camera from Sunday evening, but have not loaded them on my computer just yet, so a few from my phone:)

Date night! (And a photobomb from Tripp:))

Happy birthday seƱor!

Tripp and I made a quick pit stop while picking up daddy's cake:)

This kid has no shame! Yes he is doing his business facing the road! Haha

Coach came to the pool with us on Friday! So blessed with coach. I was able to sit in the shade with tuck and Tripp was able to have some fun:)

Sunday lunch dates

And this is a typical morning in our house, tuck hanging out on tripp's bed and Tripp wearing cowboys boots;) hehe

Hope all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers:)

Love and blessings,

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